Proposal to Upgrade Trapper Creek Dumpster Access


Community Revenue Sharing Program

Project proposals must be for purposes that benefit the community.

?Proposed projects presented to TCCC Board will be reviewed at the regular meeting April 17, 2014, 6:30 pm, at Trapper Creek Community Services park building. People who are proposing a project are invited to attend this meeting to answer questions about their project. Council reserves the right to return any application that does not provide supporting documentation. Voting on the proposed projects will be April 21 thru May 10, 2014 at Trapper Creek Library during regular business hours.

At the May 15, 2014 Council meeting the voting results will be revealed and prioritized for submittal to the Matsu Borough for project approval. The anticipated turnaround time from the Borough for an amended scope of work is approximately two (2) weeks.


Contact?? SHAWN STANKOWITZ?? Phone Number: 907-733-2315?? CELL 841-5041

Address: PO Box 13167_______ ???????Fax Number907-733-1467_________

Trapper Creek, AK 99683 _______?? E-mail: tctp@mtao

Brief description of the project: What is your proposed project? Please describe it.

The current dumpster facility is not easily used by many memers of the community. Presently, in order to put trash into the dumpster one must hoist a heavy container up to shoulder level, and then throw it into the dumpster.?? This is difficult for many, especially our senior citizens, women and any person of a small stature.

We propose constructing a raised ramp 18X40X4 which will allow access by either backing a vehicle to the dumpster or walking up and disposing of trash at waist high level.

Who, why and approximately how many people in our community will benefit from completion of this project?

All of the citizens of Trapper Creek will benefit from this improvement, especially senior citizens, women and any person of small stature.?? It will no longer be necessary to hoist a container of trash above body height to put it the dumpster.

Is there evidence of public support for this project? If so, please attach.

A concern about this was raised at a recent community council meeting by a senior citizen and options were discussed at that time, with no voices heard opposing a raised ramp.?? The discussion revolved around who might best solve this problem.?? MSB is unwilling to provide the upgrade.

Project Budget: Please provide project budget figures. Provide supporting documentation.

Gravel, 106 yards X $4.00 per yard?????????????????????????? ?????? $425.00

Railroad Ties?? $75.00 each @ 12.00?????????????????????????????????????? 900.00

Railroad Tie pickup???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 200.00

Fuel for equipment????? ???????????????????????????????????????? 500.00

Miscellaneous screws, fasteners????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? 425.00

Total project budget???????????????????????????????????????????? 2500.00

A donation of equipment and labor has been offered for construction of the ramp.

Will this project provide economic benefits to the community? If so, please explain.

This will not provide economic benefit to the community but will improve quality of life.

Please provide an estimated time schedule for completion of the project if funding is received.

We believe this project can be completed by July 1, 2014 if funding is promptly received.