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Agenda for Council Meeting: 2-21-13


Community Park Building

Trapper Creek Community Council


Regular Meeting 6:30 PM February 21, 2013




Call to Order Rick

Determination of Quorum Rick

Read & Approval of Minutes of January 17, 2013 Levi

Assembly Report – TCCSA CIP FY13-14 Report – Modular Building Vern/Lon

Officers Report

  • Treasurer Paula

Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports

  • FY2010
    • Free Room Lon
    • Interior of Building Lon
    • Playground Equipment Lon
    • Council Administration Funds Paula
  • FY2011-2012
    • Utility Tractor Lon
    • Council Website Paula
    • Welcome Sign North Paula

Correspondence/Current Mail Levi

  • DNR ?Notice of Sale-Augustine Island Geothermal? Bid Opening May 8 (posted at local TC Post Office)
  • DNR ? Notice of Sale-Alaska Peninsula & Cook Inlet Oil & Gas Leases? Bid Opening May 8 (posted at local TC Post Office)

Public Forum

  • Subsistence Survey Info/Presentation presented by Davin Holen, AKDF&G
  • “Friends and Family” by Lynn Moore, representing Trapper Creek Ambulance. The goal is to teach hands on only CPR to as many community members as possible.
  • YCC, Chris Love, re FY12 Revenue Share Funds

Unfinished Business

  • ?

New Business

  • Community Spring Clean-Up must be complete by June 30, 2013 Paula

Date of next meeting Rick

Adjournment Rick


(This agenda subject to modifications according to need of the public and its members)