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Meeting Agenda 6/20/2019


Trapper Creek Community Council

Trapper Creek Community Center, Milepost 115.2 George Parks Highway, turn left on E. TC Park Circle.

Teleconference is available: Locally dial 373-2663 / Participant Code 991090 or dial 907-622-2663 if not in local area.

Regular Meeting??????????????????????????????????????????????????? 6:30 PM????????????????????????? Thursday, June 20, 2019


I.????????? Call to Order

II.????????? Determination of Quorum

III.????????? Board Members in Attendance

IV.????????? Approval of Agenda

V.????????? Minutes of May Regular Meeting

VI.????????? Borough Assembly Report

VII.????????? Treasurer Report

VIII.????????? Community Assistance Program/CAP Grants

  1. FY2017
  • TCCSA Operating
  • Upper Susitna Food Pantry
    1. FY2019
      • Neighborhood Watch Grant

IX.????????? Committee Reports:

  1. TCCSA Water Committee
  2. Volunteer Fire Department Committee

X.????????? Correspondence / Current Mail

XI.????????? Public Forum:

XII.????????? Unfinished Business:

  1. Mat-Su Community Councils for Public Safety (MSCCPS) Update
  2. FY2018 CAP/Revenue Share Project funding status
  3. Neighborhood Watch report from public meetings

XIII.????????? New Business:

XIV.????????? Date of Next Regular Meeting: Thursday, July 18, 2019

XV.????????? Adjournment


Contributions of no more than $50 per member per year are accepted to meet the costs of our operations.

Meeeting Minutes 5/16/2019



Trapper Creek Community Center, Milepost 115.2 George Parks Highway. Turn left on E. TC Park Circle.

?Teleconference: Locally dial 373-2663 / Participant Code 991090 or dial 907-622-2663 if not in local area

Regular Meeting, 6:30 PM, Thursday, May 16, 2019


  1. Meeting called to order 6:32 pm. Posted within fourteen days of said meeting.
  2. Determination of Quorum
  3. Board Members in Attendance: Miller, Glenka, Grelson and Morrill.? ?Members: Chrystal Mayer, Jason Garrett.
  4. Approval of Agenda
  5. Reading and approval of Regular April Meeting minutes
  6. Borough Assembly Report:

Tam Boeve, District 7: Borough Assembly report given via email. All Lands, All Hands-Spruce Beetle Group has focused their attention on wildfire/safety.? Working to open dump sites for dead trees/brush and possibly getting funding for a large wood chipper for community use.

  1. Treasurer?s Report:

April activity: Disbursements: None.? Deposits: $200- Donations from Morrills and Glenkas, $50 per person; $270- TC Volunteer Fire Department (TCFVD) funds to be held by Council until TCFVD establishes checking account. ?Dividends: Checking: .13, Savings: .01. ?Checking: $3,447.45, Savings: $25.40 = $3,472.85.

  1. Revenue Sharing/CAP Grant Project Updates:

A.?????? FY2017:

  • TCCSA Operating – $10,000.00. Current activity: $410.61. Total Spent: $9,547.07. $452.93 remaining
  • Upper Susitna Food Pantry – $2,900.00.? Current activity: $181.24. Balance: $1.53.? ?Served 45 families, 100 people, and 20 seniors.? Weekend Brown Bag served 15 students per week. The Summer Backpack program has been funded for another year. Summer Programs with the Trapper Creek Public Library begin June 5. Sunshine Transit will be offering free transportation to these programs again this year.

The Senior Pass Program has 19 seniors enrolled. It is for extremely low income seniors to use the food pantry twice a month, as well as a visit to Cubby?s, and the bank.

  1. FY2019:
  • Neighborhood Watch Grant-$2,941.17.? April: No activity. $2,741.17 remaining. Public meeting set for May 18, 2019 at 2pm to discuss usage of remainder of grant funds.
  1. Committee Reports:

TCCSA Water Committee:

Work continues on the Business Plan.? Additions are cost estimates for insurance, advertising, signage on Devonshire Road and in Right-of-Way on Parks Highway. No next meeting is scheduled at this time. Updates to TCCC and the public from the water committee will continue.

Volunteer Fire Department Committee: Chrystal Mayer. CAP grant project application was turned in, State Entity number and IRS EIN obtained, Articles of Incorporation were voted on, signed and sent to Dept. of Commerce. The MSB lawyer to sign documentation regarding response area. Discussion of a booth at the Fireweed Festival as well as other fundraisers. Chrystal spoke on behalf of the TCVFD to the MSB Assembly 5/2, and the Assembly approved MSB Resolution 19-036 stating ?Non-Objection to the Proposed Trapper Creek Volunteer Fire Service Being Created and Recognized as a Volunteer Fire Service to Provide Fire Protection in the Trapper Creek Area?. Next step is to file for non-profit status.

X.???? Correspondence/Current Mail:? All mail was previously emailed to the membership and/or posted at the TC Post Office.

  1. Public Forum:? None
  2. Unfinished Business:
  3. Mat-Su Community Councils for Public Safety (MSCCPS) update: ??Captain April gave an update on Trooper activities. The Department of Corrections classification system was discussed. Reports from attending community councils were given regarding how they are utilizing the Neighborhood Watch Grant funds. Council will work toward having a forum with key State and Borough personnel in June to report on the activities of the Council and generate support for implementing measures to combat crime. May agenda will include discussion of rotating meetings to participating council locations.
  1. FY2018 CAP/Revenue Share Funds: Voting time ended Saturday May 11, 2019. The CAP Project Tally Committee was George Faerber and Jennie Earles.

Funds available:? $15,789.00

Funded FY2018 CAP/Revenue Share Funds Project list:

Trapper Creek Volunteer Fire Department, $1,000.00-fully funded

Operating Expenses for the Trapper Creek Park and Cemetery, $10,000.00-fully funded

Administrative Costs for Trapper Creek Community Council, $1,000.00-fully funded

Upper Susitna Food Pantry Operations, $5,000.00-partially funded:? $3,789.00

  1. Date for Neighborhood Watch Grant public meeting: Saturday, May 18, 2019, 2pm at the Trapper Creek Community building.
  2. New Business: None.
  3. Date of next meeting scheduled for Thursday, June 20, 2019, 6:30 pm.

XV.???? Meeting adjourned at 7:13pm

(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Janet Grelson)