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Meeting Agenda 2/20/2014

Community Park Building – Trapper Creek Community Council
Regular Meeting 6:30 PM February 20, 2014

Call to Order
Determination of Quorum
Approval of prior Minutes from January 16, 2014
Borough Assembly Report
TCCSA CIP Report re Modular Building ? None until March 2014
RSA 30 Report ? Oilwell Road Update and current progress
Officers Report
Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports
? Oral History
? TC Park Operating Costs
? Artist in School Program
? Council Operating Costs
Correspondence/Current Mail
Public Forum ? None
Unfinished Business
? Appointment of new Board officers
New Business
? Discussion of proposed ?Roads to Resources? plans regarding the recent reconnaissance survey conducted by the state Department of Transportation regarding access to natural resources on the western side of the Susitna Valley. Public comment period ends February 28, 2014
? Discussion to draft letter requesting project proposals for FY2013 Revenue Share Funds
? Review of 2014 Time Line of Council business

Date of next meeting

(This agenda subject to modifications according to need of the public and its members)

Meeting Minutes 1/16/2014

Trapper Creek Community Council
Meeting Minutes January 16, 2014

Meeting called to order 6:30 pm.
Board Members in Attendance: Miller, Glenka, Boone.
Reading and approval of minutes
Assembly Report: None
TCCSA CIP Report: None
RSA 30 Report Hal Morgan no longer on the board.
Treasurer’s Report Checking $783.20 & Savings: $25.18
Revenue Sharing Project Updates:
FY2012 . Oral History – No current expenditures. Of the $1000, $48.16 Spent, $951.84 Remaining
. TC Park Operating – Current expenditures $100. Of the $4000, $3620 Spent, $380
. Artist in School Program – No changes. Of the $2OOO, $O Spent, $2OOO Remaining.
. TCCC Costs – Current expenditure $125. Of the $1000, $451.36 Spent, $548.64
Current Mail: Read
Public Forum: None
Unfinished Business: None
New Business: . Discussion of board seating duties. Appointment of board officers tabled until February meeting due to absence of two members.
Date of next meeting scheduled for January 4 2014 at 6:30 pm.
Meeting adjourned at7:45 pm

(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Levi Miller)
Chairperson Date Secretary Date