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Meeting Minutes 3/21/2013

Trapper Creek Community Council
Meeting Minutes ? March 21, 2013

Meeting called to order 6:30 pm.

Board Members in Attendance: Miller, Glenka, Leo, Kolbeck. No community members present.

Minutes from February meeting read and unanimously approved.

The Council, on behalf of the community, expresses its appreciation to Trapper Creek Community Services for a successful and fun Cabin Fever Reliever. They did an especially good job on the clear, warm, sunny weather.

Assembly Report:
? TCCSA CIP Report ? Assemblyman Halter has indicated should know in April whether FY14 CIP request to Borough will be approved.

Treasurer?s Report: Checking: $8,961.81 & Savings: $25.15 = $8,986.96

Revenue Sharing Project Updates:
? Community Garden – Complete
? Free Box ? No expenditures since last report. $5,361.71 remaining.
? Interior Upgrade to Community Building ? Completed (looks great), although expenditure overage of $227.16. Council to request amendment to FY2012 funds to be paid to TCCSA.
? Playground Equipment – Project will be initiated in spring 2013. $1,500 remaining.
? Council Administrative Funds – $20.32 remaining.
? Utility Tractor ? $503.53 remaining.
? Council Website ? Website up and running and paid in full. (
? Welcome Sign North ? No action yet on second highway welcome sign. $6,046 remaining.

Current mail was read.

Public Forum
The presentation on CPR given by Trapper Creek Friends and Family did not occur, as their representative did no show.

Unfinished Business:

New Business:
? Motion made by Leo, seconded by Kolbeck and passed unanimously to hold voting of seating of Board of Directors to be in October.

Date of next meeting scheduled for April 18 at 6:30 pm.

Meeting adjourned at 7:05 pm

(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Levi Miller)

Approved: __________________________ ___________________________________
Chairperson Secretary

Meeting Agenda 4/18/2013

Community Park Building – Trapper Creek Community Council

Regular Meeting 6:30 PM April 18, 2013


Call to Order
Determination of Quorum
Read & Approval of Minutes from March 21, 2013
Assembly Report – TCCSA CIP FY14 Status Report – Modular Building
Officers Report
Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports
? FY2010
? Playground Equipment
? FreeBox
? Council Administration Funds
? FY2011-2012
? Welcome Sign North
Correspondence/Current Mail
Public Forum
? Review and Acceptance of FY2012 Revenue Sharing project proposals to utilize $8,481.84
Unfinished Business
? TCCSA request for approval of amendment to FY2012 funds to cover overage of expenditures on FY2010 project, ?Interior Upgrade to Community Building?. Due to the Amendment, $227.16 payable to TCCSA for the overage brings the FY2012 available funds for the current project proposals to $8,481.84.

New Business

Date of next meeting


(This agenda subject to modifications according to need of the public and its members)