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Meeting Agenda 01/18/2018

?Trapper Creek Community Council AGENDA

Regular Meeting?????? 6:00 PM?????????? Thursday, January 18, 2018

???????????????? I.????????? Call to Order

II.????????? Determination of Quorum

III.????????? Board Members in Attendance

IV.????????? Minutes of Preceding Meeting

V.????????? Borough Assembly Report

VI.????????? TCCSA CIP4 Report

VII.????????? Treasurer Report

VIII.????????? Revenue Share Reports

  1. FY2016
    • TCCSA Operating
    • Upper Susitna Food Pantry
    • TCCC Council Operating
    • Trapper Creek Nordic Ski Club
    • Trapper Creek Winter Trail Grooming

???????????? IX.????????? Correspondence / Current Mail:

?????????????? X.????????? Public Forum

XI.????????? Unfinished Business:

  1. Village Safe Water Program update
  2. Accepting applications to the Board of Directors

XII.????????? New Business:

XIII.????????? Date of Next meeting ? February 15, 2018

XIV.????????? Adjournment

(This agenda subject to modifications per need of the public and its members)


Trapper Creek Community Center, Milepost 115.2 George Parks Highway, turn left on E. TC Park Circle

PO Box 13021, Trapper Creek, AK 99683?? Teleconference (907) 733-7370

Meeting Minutes 12/07/2017


Regular Meeting?????????? 6:30 PM?????????? Thursday, December 7, 2017


I.??????????????????? Meeting called to order 6:35 pm

II.????????????????? Determination of Quorum

III.??????????????? Board Members in Attendance: ?Glenka, Kolbeck and Ryan.? Members:? Jennie Earles, Debbie Filter.

IV.??????????????? Reading and approval of November minutes.

V.???????????????? Borough Assembly Report: Via email: None

VI.??????????????? TCCSA CIP4 Report: ?No change. Currently has a balance of $6,588.53 remaining.

VII.????????????? Treasurer?s Report:? No change. Checking: $1,326.83 & Savings: $25.34 = $1,352.17.

VIII.???????????? Revenue Sharing Project Updates:

A. ???????? FY2014: TCCC Operating Costs ? Of the $1000, nothing remaining.

B.????????? FY2016:

  • TCCSA Operating Costs – $13,500. $3,448.58 spent. ?$10,051.42 remaining.
  • Upper Susitna Food Pantry – $3,900.? $3,618.47 spent $281.53 remaining.
  • TCCC Operating Costs – $1,000.? $10.37 spent.? $989.63 remaining.
  • Winter trail Grooming – $600 remaining.
  • Nordic Ski Club – $300 remaining.

IX.???????? Correspondence/Current Mail: ?Almar Platting in Trapper Creek.? Comments due December 18th.

X.????????? Public Forum:? None.

XI.???????? Unfinished Business:

  1. Village Safe Water Program (VSW): Public water system PER still under construction.? Public meeting in January to be announced in near future.
  2. Applications to Board of Directors.

XII.??????? New Business:? None

XIII.???????????? Date of next meeting scheduled for January 18, 2018ecember 7, 2017, 6:30 pm.

XIV.??????????? Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm

(Minutes taken by Council Member, Brittany Jo Ryan)


Trapper Creek Community Council

PO Box 13021, Trapper Creek, AK 99683-0321 (907) 733-7370 Teleconference

Board of Directors applications

December 8, 2017

The Trapper Creek Community Council is seeking candidates for its Board of Directors.? Interested Trapper Creek residents have until January 18, 2018 to make application.? Applications for candidates are available at the Trapper Creek Post office and Library, or by emailing

Five seats are open on the Board, and the two candidates who receive the most votes will receive two-year terms.? The other candidates will be seated for a single year.

Thank you for your participation.