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Agenda for Council Meeting: 9-20-12


Community Park Building

Trapper Creek Community Council


Regular Meeting 6:30 PM September 20, 2012



  • Call to Order Rick
  • Determination of Quorum Rick
  • Read & Approval of? Minutes – August 16, 2012 Levi
  • Assembly Report Vern/Paula
    • RSA#30 Low bidder is D&S Construction for $69,045.? Parking lot complete and grubbing & excavation complete on Kula Road.? Kula Road excavated and widened. Job complete 8/31 with finished pictures next week.

?? South Denali Visitor Center: State allocated 1.5 million to fund portion of electrical extension/upgrade from Mile 128 into State Park.

  • Officers Reports

?? Treasurer Paula

  • ?Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports

?? FY2009

?? Shelter (Pavilion) Lon

?? FY2010

?? Free Room Lon

?? Interior of Building Lon

?? Playground Equipment Lon

?? Welcome Sign Paula

?? TC Elementary – AED Paula

?? Youth Conservation Paula

?? Council Administration Funds Paula

  • Correspondence/Current Mail Levi

?? Alaska Stand Alone/ASAP meeting 9/25/12, 6-8 pm, Su-Valley High School Gym

?? Cooperative Extension Service

  • Public Forum
  • Unfinished Business

?? FY11 Project Application Forms at Post Office & Voting Oct. 29th to Nov 10th. Paula

?? CIP September 2012 Monthly Report To Borough, Modular Bldg., TCCSA Inc Lon

?? TCCC website on which ALL minutes and official info is posted Rick

  • New Business

?? TC Park Circle & Request for Road Names All

  • Date of next meeting Rick
  • Adjournment Rick


(This agenda may be subject to modifications according to the need of the public and its members)

Minutes of Council Meeting: 9-20-12

Trapper Creek Community Council

Minutes Sept 20 2012


Meeting called to order 6:45 pm


Board members present: Leo, Glenka, Miller, Kolbeck. Also in attendance: Vern Halter, Lon McCullough


August minutes read and approved


Assembly Report:

RSA #30 low bidder is D&S Construction for $69,045. Parking lot, grubbing and excavation complete on Kula Rd. South Denali Visitor Center had $1.5 million allocated by the State to partially fund extension/upgrade of electrical from mile 128 into State Park. The Assembly will ask for $2.5 million for salmon restoration after the floods.


Treasurer?s Report: $4,031.96 combined funds


Revenue Sharing Project Reports:

?? Shelter:? Almost done except for some electrical

?? Free Box:? No report

?? Interior of building:? Will be started this winter

?? Playground:? Postponed until next summer

?? Welcome Sign:? Finished beside permanent support

?? AED:? At school and ready for training

?? YCC:? Fence built to ensure security and prevent motorized vehicles from entering property.? Public access is walk-in only, and gate is left open.? Cleaned shed, cleared brush.? Remaining funds to be used for winter snow removal.

?? Council Administrative Funds:? $185.39


Current Mail was read


Public Forum:? None


Unfinished Business:

FY11 project application forms taken to PO


CIP Sept 2012 Report:

Building has arrived


New Business:

TC Park Circle & Request for Road Names was discussed.? Paula to follow-up on phone call to Borough platting department.


Next meeting October 18, 6:30 pm


Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm


(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Levi Miller)