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Minutes of Council Meeting: 10-18-12

Trapper Creek Community Council – Minutes October 18, 2012

Meeting called to order at 6:40pm


Board members present: Glenka, Leo, Kolbeck, Miller. No community members present.


September minutes read and approved.? Correction to the minutes / Assembly Report stating, ?electrical from mile 128 into State Park? should read ?mile 121?.


Assembly Report: Vern Halter re-elected to Assembly District 7.


Treasurer?s Report: $ $3,945.87 total in account.


Revenue Sharing Project Reports:


?? Shelter:? $86.50 of electrical materials purchased at Moore?s.? $38.29 completes the $6000 open account for the various FY09 projects.? Moore?s account is closed.? $48.21 reimbursed to Lon as an out of pocket expense.? $86.50 < $38.29 = $48.21.

?? Welcome Sign:? Finished, except for the permanent support


?? Free Box:? $284.79 was spent to build stairs to building temporarily housing the free box.

?? Interior of Building:? Will be started this winter

?? Playground:? Postponed until next summer

?? AED:? Project complete

?? Garden Upgrade:? Project complete

?? YCC:? District staff took a couple of more loads of garbage out of the shed to the dump in September.? The shed is in much better condition after having trash taken out, brush cut from around the building, and the gate repaired.? Since the YCC repaired the gate to the District Farm, there still has not been any trespassing that we can see and nobody has vandalized the fencing the YCC built.? This is great as it reduces liability for the District.? It still remains that Foot traffic is allowed onto the property while motorized vehicles are not.? Most of the funding has been spent on the above activities.? We have enough funds saved up to shovel the roof off in December before the deadline.? This is our plan and we do not anticipate spending any more funds until that time.

?? Council Administrative Funds:? $185.39


Current Mail was read


Public Forum:? None


Unfinished Business:

  • The four received Revenue Sharing proposals were read

1)???? Tractor for the Community Park

2)???? Website for the Council to keep all proceedings publicly transparent

3)???? A ?Welcome to Trapper Creek? sign for the north entrance to town

4)???? Request for monies from Sunshine Transit for a Trapper Creek route once a week

Voting at the library on these proposals will be open from October 29 to November 10 during regular business hours.

  • TC Park Circle & Request for Road Names: Nothing new to report.? Communication continues with Borough platting department.


New Business:? None


Next meeting November 15 at 6:30 pm


Meeting adjourned 7:32 pm


(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Levi Miller)

Agenda for Council Meeting: 10-18-12


Community Park Building

Trapper Creek Community Council



Regular Meeting 6:30 PM October 18, 2012




  • Call to Order Rick
  • Determination of Quorum Rick
  • Read & Approval of? Minutes – September 20, 2012 Levi
  • Assembly Report Vern

?? Vern Halter re-elected to represent Assembly District No. 7 – Oath on Oct. 22nd.

  • Officers Reports

?? Treasurer Paula

  • ?Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports

?? FY2009

?? Shelter (Pavilion) Lon

?? FY2010

?? Free Room Lon

?? Interior of Building Lon

?? Playground Equipment Lon

?? Welcome Sign Paula

?? Youth Conservation Paula

?? Council Administration Funds Paula

  • Correspondence/Current Mail Levi

?? Borough TS028 Tax & Lid Foreclosure Sale Bid Packet & Parcel Info is available

?? Info re: AEA requests for Time Extension to File Comments on Proposed Study Plan re Susitna-Watana Hydro Project to 11/14/12

  • Public Forum
  • Unfinished Business

?? FY11 Project Proposal Review – Prepare for voting Oct. 29th – Nov 10th at Library All

?? TC Park Circle & Request for Road Names All

  • New Business

?? All

  • Date of next meeting Rick
  • Adjournment Rick


(This agenda may be subject to modifications according to the need of the public and its members)