Trapper Creek Community Services Assn. Proposal to buy Tractor Implements


Community Revenue Sharing Program

Proposed projects presented to TCCC Board will be reviewed at the regular meeting April 17, 2014, 6:30 pm, at Trapper Creek Community Services park building. People who are proposing a project are invited to attend this meeting to answer questions about their project. Council reserves the right to return any application that does not provide supporting documentation. Voting on the proposed projects will be April 21 thru May 10, 2014 at Trapper Creek Library during regular business hours.

At the May 15, 2014 Council meeting the voting results will be revealed and prioritized for submittal to the Matsu Borough for project approval. The anticipated turnaround time from the Borough for an amended scope of work is approximately two (2) weeks.

Name of Project: Additional Implements for John Deere 1026R Tractor

Contact: Trapper Creek Community Services?? ???Phone Number: 907-733-7375

Address: PO Box 13049, Trapper Creek AK 99683 E-mail:


Brief description of the project: What is your proposed project? Please describe it.

The Trapper Creek Park and Cemetery, which is owned by the residents of Trapper Creek and managed by the non-profit Trapper Creek Community Services Association, Inc., consists of approximately 82 acres of which approximately 20 acres has been cleared.

?We propose the purchase of two additional implements for our John Deere 1026R tractor, a replacement filter kit for maintenance of the tractor, and delivery to Trapper Creek for a projected cost of $3332.29 from Craig Taylor Equipment of Wasilla.

Over time the cleared area has become uneven with frost heaves and rutting. On a seasonal basis a disk harrow would serve to condition the open field area, disk the community garden, level out the western addition to the cemetery, as well as serve many additional purposes in the future.

?? A moveable pallet fork attachment would ensure ease of moving tractor attachments in and out of the storage building and aid in moving any heavy material from any part of the park.

?? A filter pack kit would provide all the replacement filters and parts for proper and regular maintenance of the tractor.

?? Who, why and approximately how many people in our community will benefit from completion of this project?

As the park belongs to all residents of the community, everyone would benefit.

Is there evidence of public support for this project? If so, please attach.

The community has consistently shown support for the development and maintenance of our park, as evidenced by approval of past Revenue Sharing proposals, including purchase of a tractor and implements.

?Project Budget: Please provide project budget figures. Provide supporting documentation.

Craig Taylor Equipment has provided a cost proposal for:

?Frontier 4 foot Disk Harrow with 12 Notched Blades on 7.5 In. Spacing?? $ 1,753.00

?Frontier 42 inch Pallet Forks for H120 loader on 1026R Tractor ??????? $ 1,275.00??????????

?Filter Pak – part number LVA14891 ???????????????????????????????????$?? 79.29

? Delivery to Trapper Creek ???????????????????????????????????????????? $ 225.00

????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????? Total?? $ 3332.29??

? Will this project provide economic benefits to the community? If so, please explain.

Maintaining the Trapper Creek Park and Cemetery with our own equipment will provide savings for a long time into the future.

?Please provide an estimated time schedule for completion of the project if funding is received.

Should the people of Trapper Creek approve this proposal, the implements would be purchased in June 2014.