Trapper Creek Community Services Assn. Proposal for Operating Expenses


Community Revenue Sharing Program

Project proposals must be for purposes that benefit the community.

?Proposed projects presented to TCCC Board will be reviewed at the regular meeting April 17, 2014, 6:30 pm, at Trapper Creek Community Services park building. People who are proposing a project are invited to attend this meeting to answer questions about their project. Council reserves the right to return any application that does not provide supporting documentation. Voting on the proposed projects will be April 21 thru May 10, 2014 at Trapper Creek Library during regular business hours.

At the May 15, 2014 Council meeting the voting results will be revealed and prioritized for submittal to the Matsu Borough for project approval. The anticipated turnaround time from the Borough for an amended scope of work is approximately two (2) weeks.

Name of Project: Operating Expenses, June 2014-2015, Trapper Creek Park and Cemetery

Contact: ???????Trapper Creek Community Services Association, Inc.

Phone Number: 907-733-7375

Address: ????? PO Box 13049, Trapper Creek, Alaska 99683


Brief description of the project: What is your proposed project? Please describe it.

? The Trapper Creek Park and Cemetery is a community-owned park, which receives noMat-Su Borough or State funding for operations and maintenance. The non-profit Trapper Creek Community Services Association, Inc. is charged with obtaining funding for operating the park for the whole community. The yearly funding available through raffle sales at Cabin Fever Reliever, Bingo, and limited pulltab sales is not enough to support the park, especially with frequent use through the year for meetings, water usage, and the free box. TCCSA requests $7200 for the operations and maintenance of the park from June 2014 through June 2015.

Who, why and approximately how many people in our community will benefit from completion of this project?

The Trapper Creek Community Building, Park and Cemetery are used by many residentsdaily. Maintenance and operational money would ensure that TCCSA can continue to provide community members with many services, which include meeting space, water usage, freebox, recreation and many other activities.

Is there evidence of public support for this project? If so, please attach

Last year the community supported a TCCSA revenue sharing proposal of $4000 for operating and maintaining their park from May through December 2013. This proposal is for a full year.

?Project Budget: Please provide project budget figures. Provide supporting documentation.

Based on actual expenditures for 2013 and 2014 to date, TCCSA has projected operational costs for one year, June 2014 to June 2015, to be $7200. Operational costs are higher than previous years, especially in the colder months due to extra heating for the buildings, water pump usage, and more frequent snow removal. Although we expect that there will be unforeseen expenses during the course of the year, projected monies for these are not included here.

A breakdown of the operational expenses include $400 for snow removal for Cabin Fever Reliever; $800 for electricity, $1060 for telephone and internet, $40 for trash, $1000 for diesel for heating building, $800 for insurance, $100 for diesel and oil for tractor, $1000 for office and cleaning supplies and $2000 for labor, which includes general maintenance, mowing, snow removal, and repairs.

Will this project provide economic benefits to the community? If so, please explain.

Economic benefits are derived from the services provided to the community, including inexpensive rental facilities, free water, household goods and clothes in the freebox, and the opportunity for jobs at the park.

Please provide an estimated time schedule for completion of the project if funding is received.

The project would encompass the year from June 2014 to June 2015.

Contact Council members for more information. A list of TCCC Board member?s names and phone numbers are listed at the TC Post Office bulletin board. You may hand deliver the completed form to a current board member; email the completed form to: in a PDF format; or mail the completed form to Trapper Creek Community Council, PO Box 13021, Trapper Creek, AK 99683. All proposals must be received April 17, 2014.