Meeting Agenda 06/16/2016

Trapper Creek Community Council AGENDA

Regular Meeting?????? 6:30 PM?????????? Thursday, June 16, 2016


I.????????? Call to Order

II.????????? Determination of Quorum

III.????????? Minutes of Preceding Meeting

IV.????????? Borough Assembly Report

V.????????? TCCSA CIP Report

VI.????????? RSA 30 Report

VII.????????? Treasurer Report

VIII.????????? Revenue Share Reports

  1. FY2012
    1. Oral History
  2. FY2013
    1. TCCSA Conex
  3. FY2014
    1. TCCSA Operating
    2. Council Operating
    3. Nordic Ski Club
    4. Learning Garden

IX.????????? Correspondence / Current Mail

X.????????? Public Forum

XI.????????? Unfinished Business:

  1. Borough authorization of the revenue share FY2015 project proposals.

XII.????????? New Business:

XIII.????????? Date of Next meeting

XIV.????????? Adjournment

(This agenda subject to modifications according to need of the public and its members)


Trapper Creek Community Center, Milepost 115.2 George Parks Highway, turn left on E. TC Park Circle

PO Box 13021, Trapper Creek, AK 99683?? Teleconference (907) 733-7370