Trapper Creek Community Services Assn. Proposal for Purchase of Tools


Community Revenue Sharing Program

Proposed projects presented to TCCC Board will be reviewed at the regular meeting April 17, 2014, 6:30 pm, at Trapper Creek Community Services park building. People who are proposing a project are invited to attend this meeting to answer questions about their project. Council reserves the right to return any application that does not provide supporting documentation. Voting on the proposed projects will be April 21 thru May 10, 2014 at Trapper Creek Library during regular business hours.

At the May 15, 2014 Council meeting the voting results will be revealed and prioritized for submittal to the Matsu Borough for project approval. The anticipated turnaround time from the Borough for an amended scope of work is approximately two (2) weeks.

Name of Project: Tools and Implements for Operation and Maintenance

Contact: ?????Trapper Creek Community Services Association, Inc.

Phone Number: 907-733-7375

Address: ???????PO Box 13049, Trapper Creek, Alaska 99683



Brief description of the project: What is your proposed project? Please describe it.

Trapper Creek Park and Cemetery has been operating for years with only the minimal amount of tools. Volunteers have been using their own tools for maintenance and frequently Mike Carpenter of Wal*Mikes has generously loaned volunteers many tools to use, as well. This proposal asks for $2000 for a complete set of tools that can be used for the community gardens, cemetery, trails, repairs, building and snow removal. These tools would be stored in the shed.

Who, why and approximately how many people in our community will benefit from completion of this project?

Everyone in the community would benefit by a smoothly running park. Tools are necessary to carry out all sorts of projects at the park and cemetery.

Is there evidence of public support for this project? If so, please attach.

The community has always expressed a need for proper maintenance and operations of the park through volunteerism. The proper tools would sure go a long way in ensuring that services will be provided to the community on a continuing basis.

Project Budget: Please provide project budget figures. Provide supporting documentation.

The tally of the average price for each of the following tools totals $2000. The tools needed for a smooth operation of the park include: grease gun, filter wrench, combo set of wrenches, ratchet socket set, framing hammer, hand saw, pruning saw, crosscut saw, 100? drain snake, step ladder, extension ladder, spud bar, grain shovel, hand tiller, pipe wrenches, set of crescent wrenches, splitting mall, axe, bench vice, garden spades, garden rake, leaf rake, hoses, hose carrier, utility wagon, peg boards, copper tubing implements, and a tool box.

Will this project provide economic benefits to the community? If so, please explain.

The proper tools would increase the proficiency of any project.

Please provide an estimated time schedule for completion of the project if funding is received.

Should this proposal be approved by your vote, all would be purchased in June 2014.