Meeting Minutes 5/16/2013

Trapper Creek Community Council
Meeting Minutes May 16, 2013

Meeting called to order 6:30 pm.
Board Members in Attendance: Leo, Kolbeck, Glenka, Miller
Reading and Approval of Minutes
Assembly Report: Assembly approved TCCSA for $70,000 for community building.
Treasurer?s Report: Checking $8,022.47 & Savings: $25.16
Revenue Sharing Project Updates:
? Playground ? Project to start next month
? Free Box – To be moved across parking lot
FY2011 & 2012
? Tractor ? Remaining funds to be spent on tractor
? North Sign ? To be started in a few weeks
Current Mail: Read
Public Forum
? DOTPF Matsu Area Planner ? Map21 discussion resurfacing pavement on Petersville Road to existing pavement break. Community members asking about adding shoulder and paving it for attached walking / bike path. Public comment to be taken until June 7th.
Unfinished Business: Review vote totals for remaining FY12 Revenue Share funds. Motion by Miller to fully fund the top three projects, with remaining funds going to fourth highest project. Seconded by Glenka. Passed unanimously.
New Business: None
Date of next meeting scheduled for June 20, 2013 at 6:30 pm.
Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm

(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Levi Miller)

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