to TCCC re: Fire Department

From: Tamara Boeve <>
Date: Sun, Jul 5, 2015 at 7:41 PM
Subject: Fire Dept
To: Tamara Boeve <>

Monday, July 6 at 7pm- WACO Meeting at the Willow Community Center. We will be addressing the use of the WACO email list for personal reasons. I do not think this is an appropriate use of this forum and have concerns that if this continues- folks will opt out of receiving the WACO emails altogether. If you wish to be part of this conversation- I encourage you to attend.

Thursday, July 9 at 7pm – FSA Board of Supervisors Meeting at Station 12-1. Get updates on the new stations at Crystal Lakes and Nancy Lake, equipment upgrades, and the Sockeye Fire. Chief Greene and the responders have been working long hours the last three weeks and this is a great opportunity to show them how much we appreciate them and that we will continue to support them.

I want to give a shout out to the Willow Play Group. They dressed as Hot Shots/firefighters in the 4th of July parade and they were AWESOME.

And now, politics. And yes- it does have to do with the Willow Fire Dept:
We have 2 Willow residents currently running for the District 7 Assembly Seat- Doyle Holmes and Randall Kowalke. Both of these men have played pivotal roles in the Fire Dept saga this spring. Doyle Holmes working actively to prevent both the purchase of the new Nancy Lake Fire Station and the mill rate increase. Randall Kowalke consistently supporting the Willow Fire Dept.
And Vern Halter is running against Mayor Larry DeVilbiss. Vern has worked hard representing the Willow community and improving our local emergency services. We could not have made the Nancy Lake purchase or gotten our mill rate increase without him. The current Mayor has been in opposition to both.
I encourage everyone to get involved this election season and help ensure that the progress we’ve made in our community is not in any way compromised. Randall Kowalke and Vern Halter have shown their support for the Willow Fire Dept, now it is time for us to support them.

As always, if you wish to have your name removed from this list- just send me an email.

Thanks to the firefighters for their continued efforts in fighting the Sockeye Fire. It’s not over yet- I have fire trucks in my yard to prove it.