Special VFD Meeting 02/18/2019



Trapper Creek Community Center, Milepost 115.2 George Parks Highway. Turn left on E. TC Park Circle.

Teleconference: Locally dial 373-2663 / Participant Code 991090 or dial 907-622-2663 if not in local area

Special Meeting, 6:30 PM, Monday, February 18, 2019


  1. Special Meeting called to order 6:40 pm
  2. Determination of quorum
  3. Board Members in Attendance: Ritenburgh, Miller, Glenka, Grelson and Morrill. Members: Michelle Thompson, Debbie Filter, Cicely Rogers, Elise Dooley, Chrystal Mayer, Jason Garrett, Craig Ritenburgh, Hayden Ritenburgh, Debbie Garrett, Jeff Spotts, Tony Jurasek, Hal Morgan, Nancy Morgan, Neil DeWitt, Jeff Grelson. Guest: Eric Chappel, Talkeetna Fire Chief

Special Guests: Borough Assembly Representative Tam Boeve and Ken Barkley, MSB Acting Director of Emergency Services

  1. Approval of Agenda
  2. New Business:

Discussion of a Fire Department in Trapper Creek:

The following is from the discussion throughout the meeting:

General Comments:

  • Current State Fire Marshall is supportive of a VFD in Trapper Creek
    • MSB is supportive of a VFD in Trapper Creek
    • MSB equipment and gear donations (“retired” but functioning equipment & gear)-will be given “free and clear”-Trapper Creek responsible for all maintenance and repairs
  • Most MSB training can be attended by volunteers-free of charge- but without state certification. Certification can be obtained by paying for training. Any MSB training that requires a payment to attend will be noted as such prior to the training.


  • VFD-specific grants are available to possibly cover expenses
  • Other grants may be available for our area from Trapper Creek’s elevated exposure due to the Spruce Beetle damage
  • Discussion regarding continued funding for: maintenance, building upkeep, etc.
  • Potential source of $$ from a CAP/Revenue Share project: CAP was cut from MSB budget-only FY2018 & FY2019 grants remain
  • Possible funding for storage building: Community Development Block Grant- given annually


  • All volunteer labor-no stipends for service
  • Number needed for a call: minimum of 5 for an exterior building fire, more for going inside a building
  • Hurt/injured volunteer coverage is under 501c3

Equipment Storage:

  • Warm storage is necessary
  • Possible areas for storage of equipment until a new, grant-funded building could be built
  • Current EMS building (only room for a 28’ engine)
  • Bus Barn-does not have any bays available
  • Original EMS building-not big enough

Response Area:

  • FSA #14 boundaries exist, but were set 20+ years ago
  • A VFD 501c3 is able to set/expand a realistic potential response area

Next Steps:

  • Additional special meeting(s) are needed
  • Committee formation to pursue grants and other additional information
  • Formation of a 501c3 and selection of Board of Directors
  • A resolution must be submitted to MSB for approval
  • Work in conjunction with the State Fire Marshall for grant acquisition and funding, no other direction or authority
  • Decision must be made regarding whether it will be an: interior (meet Borough standards, go to classes) vs. exterior firefighters
  • Information table at Cabin Fever Reliever –VFD information, volunteer information
  1. Community Safety Meetings re: Defensible Space are needed
  2. Expired Smoke Detectors and CO2 Detectors:
    • Smoke detectors expire after 10 years
    • Red Cross in Wasilla can replace expired smoke detectors
    • Red Cross contact information will be passed on to the Community when received
  3. Date of next Special Meeting: Monday, March 18, 2019
  4. Adjournment: 7:58 pm

(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Janet Grelson)