Meeting Minutes 11/16/2017


Regular Meeting         6:30 PM          Thursday, November 16, 2017

I.                   Meeting called to order 6:35 pm

II.                  Determination of Quorum

III.                Board Members in Attendance:  Glenka, Kolbeck and Grelson.  Members:  Jennie Earles, Brittany Ryan.

IV.               Reading and approval of September and October minutes.

V.                 Borough Assembly Report: Via email: Nothing to report.  Assemblyman Kowalke was appointed to the Borough Fish & Wildlife Commission.  Meetings will conflict with TCCC meetings.

VI.               TCCSA CIP Report:  CIP#4:  No change. Currently has a balance of $6,588.53 remaining.

VII.             Treasurer’s Report:  No expenditures this period. Checking: $1,326.83 & Savings: $25.34 = $1,352.17. .01 dividend received 9/30/2017.

VIII.            Revenue Sharing Project Updates:

A.                 FY2013: TCCSA Conex – $5500. None remaining.

C.          FY2014: TCCC Operating Costs – $1000. $909.73 spent $90.27 remaining.

D.          FY2016:

  • TCCSA Operating Costs – $13,500. $3,187.73 spent $10,312.27 remaining.
  • Upper Susitna Food Pantry – $3,900 remaining. Report forthcoming.
  • TCCC Operating Costs – $1,000 remaining
  • Winter trail Grooming – $600 remaining
  • Nordic Ski Club – $300 remaining

IX.         Correspondence/Current Mail:  Revenue Share amendments for projects with unspent funds are due to the Borough. TCCC meeting schedule due to the Borough 12/1/17.

X.          Public Forum:  None.

XI.         Unfinished Business:

  1. Village Safe Water Program (VSW): Public water survey was due 11/18/17.  Work continues on the 65% draft Preliminary Engineer Report (PER).  A public meeting will be set soon as the PER is completed.

XII.        New Business:

  1. TCCC Annual elections discussed.  Under Section 2D of the TCCC bylaws, the TCCC Board may appoint to fill Board vacancies until next General Election.  Brittany Ryan was appointed to the TCCC Board.  Note that applications are accepted any time.  There is currently an “open application process” for the Trapper Creek Community Council.  With applicants, the Board will have an election and intend to seat in January 2018

XIII.            Date of next meeting scheduled for December 7, 2017, 6:00 pm.

XIV.           Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm


(Minutes taken by Council Treasurer, Janet Grelson)


Trapper Creek Community Council

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