Meeting Minutes 03/15/2018


Regular Meeting           6:30 PM           Thursday March 15, 2018

I.                    Meeting called to order 6:50 pm

II.                  Determination of Quorum

III.                Board Members in Attendance: Glenka, Kolbeck, Grelson and Ryan (telephonic). Members: Elaine Yelverton, Jason Garrett, Crystal Garrett, Connie Dooley.

IV.                Reading and approval of January minutes. (No February meeting due to no quorum)

V.                 Borough Assembly Report: None

VI.                TCCSA CIP4 Report: $250.00, Matsu Sewer & Drain. Currently has a balance of $6,338.53 remaining.

VII.              Treasurer’s Report: #218, $3.24, Postage. Checking: $871.63 & Savings: $25.35 = $896.98.

VIII.             Revenue Sharing Project Updates:

A.          FY2016:

  • TCCSA Operating Costs – $13,500. $7,091.34 spent. $6,408.66 remaining.
  • TCCC Operating Costs – $1,000. $364.93 spent. $635.07 remaining.
  • Nordic Ski Club – $300. $219.48 remaining.
  1. Correspondence/Current Mail: None
  2. Public Forum: None
  3. Unfinished Business:
  4. Village Safe Water Program (VSW):   Public water system Preliminary Engineer Report (PER) is 95% complete. Completion by April 6, 2018 and report will be submitted for funding. TCCC signed Letter of Support for the TCCSA CIP Water Project Proposal.
  5. Applications to Board of Directors: Application window extension continued until April 19, 2018 meeting due to no additional new applications at this meeting.
  6. New Business:
  7. Alaska Gasline Development Corp (ADGC) public meeting was February 27, 2018 at the Park. 14 people attended.
  8. No date set for voting on the TCCC Board of Directors. Application deadline extension continued until April 19, 2018 meeting.
  9. Community Assistance Program (CAP) FY2017 fund project proposal deadline is TCCC’s May 17, 2017 meeting. Reviewing of proposals to ensure proposed project requirements are met will be at the May meeting. Community voting period will be May 21- June 2, 2018 at the Trapper Creek Library during regular library business hours. Project voting results will be obtained at June 21, 2018 Council meeting. CAP FY2017 funds available for projects: $12,900.

XIII.             Date of next meeting scheduled for April 19, 2018, 6:30 pm.

XIV.            Meeting adjourned at 7:35pm

(Minutes taken by Council Member, Janet Grelson, Treasurer)


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