Meeting Agenda 8/21/2014

Trapper Creek Community Council

PO Box 13021, Trapper Creek, AK 99683-0321 (907) 733-7370 Teleconference


Community Park Building

Milepost 115.4 George Parks Highway, turn left on TC Park Circle

Regular Meeting       6:30 PM          Thursday, August 21, 2014


I.        Call to Order

II.        Determination of Quorum

III.        Minutes of Preceding Meeting

IV.        Borough Assembly Report

V.        TCCSA CIP Report

VI.        RSA 30 Report

VII.        Treasurer Report

VIII.        Revenue Share Reports

  1. FY2012
    1. Oral History
    2. Council Operating Costs
  2. FY2013
    1. TCCSA Operating Expenses
    2. TCCSA Conex Container
    3. TCCSA Outbuildings
    4. TCCSA Tools & Implements for M&O
    5. TCCSA Tractor Implements
    6. Dumpster Access Ramp
    7. YCC M&O of Vehicles

IX.        Correspondence / Current Mail

X.        Public Forum

  1. Alaska LNG Natural Gas Line Project – Four representatives to discuss preliminary route through Trapper Creek and project status.

XI.        Unfinished Business

  1. Braund & Assoc. have scheduled October 6-9th to conduct subsistence mapping studies affected by Alaska LNG Project.
  2. Report from Boone/Glenka about the MSB Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) meeting.
  3. Petersville Road Preventative Maintenance – Status Report

XII.        New Business – None

XIII.        Date of next meeting

XIV.        Adjournment