Agenda for Council Meeting: 12-20-12


Community Park Building

Trapper Creek Community Council



Regular Meeting 6:30 PM December 20, 2012




  • Call to Order Rick
  • Determination of Quorum Rick
  • Read & Approval of  Minutes – November 15, 2012 Levi
  • Assembly Report Vern
  • Officers Reports
    • Treasurer Paula
    • TCCSA December Report, CIP (PO #2013-00001091) Modular Building Lon
      • Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports
        • FY2010
          • Free Room Lon
          • Interior of Building Lon
          • Playground Equipment Lon
          • Welcome Sign Paula
          • Youth Conservation Paula
          • Council Administration Funds Paula
  • Correspondence/Current Mail Levi
    • Susitna-Watana Hydro Project – Letter referencing Plan & Schedule to Implement Board of Consultant (BOC) Recommendations
  • Public Forum
    • Tundra Isles (1,500 parcel land subdivision) with representatives State Senator Mike Dunleavy, Wes Keller and Vern Halter
  • Unfinished Business
    • FY11/12 Project proposals status Paula
    • TC Park Circle & Request for Road Names status Paula
  • New Business
    • Proposed Susitna State Forest Rick
  • Date of next meeting Rick
  • Adjournment Rick


(This agenda may be subject to modifications according to the need of the public and its members)