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Meeting Agenda 08/15/2013

Community Park Building – Trapper Creek Community Council
Regular Meeting 6:30 PM August 15, 2013

Call to Order
Determination of Quorum
Read & Approval of Minutes from June 20, 2013
Read & Approval of Minutes from July 18, 2013
Assembly Report – TCCSA CIP Status Report – Modular Building
Officers Report
Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports
• FY2010
• Free Box
• Playground Equipment
• FY2012
• Oral History
• TC Park Operating Costs
• Artist in School Program
• YCC Vehicle Maintenance
• Council Administration Funds
Correspondence/Current Mail
.Public Forum
• DOT – Introduction of new Project Manager.
Unfinished Business
New Business
Date of next meeting

(This agenda subject to modifications according to need of the public and its members)

Meeting Minutes 7/18/2013

Trapper Creek Community Council
Meeting Minutes July 18, 2013

Meeting called to order 6:30 pm.
Board Members in Attendance: Glenka, Kolbeck, Leo. Community members in attendance: Lon McCullough, Jennie Earles, Rick and Kathy Ernst, Kristie Parsons, Vern Halter, and Jon Knowles from DOT.
Minutes from June meeting were not available.
Assembly Report:
• TCCSA CIP Report – New grant finalized and a purchase order is in place for the new monies. Bid proposal for moving new building accepted and work to commence August 1.
Treasurer’s Report: Checking: $1,178.12 & Savings: $25.17 = $1,203.29
Revenue Sharing Project Updates:
• Playground Equipment – Project pending. $1,500 remaining.
• Free Box – Expenditures totaling $3162.07, June 21 through July 16.
• Council Administrative Funds – Fully expended June 30.
• Utility Tractor – Project was completed in June 2013.
• Oral History – Project has started, but no expenditures yet.
• TC Park Operating Costs – Expenditures totaling $ 220 since June 20.
• Welcome Sign North – The north facing Trapper Creek Sign is complete.
• Artist in School Program – Funded $2,000. To date no funds have been used.
• YCC Vehicle Maintenance – Funded $481.84. To date no funds have been used.
• Council Administrative Funds – Expenditures totaling $50 since July 10
Current Mail – None
Public Forum:
• Presentation on Petersville Road upgrades was given by Jon Knowles.
• Presentation by Rick Ernst re Jessica Stephens Foundation offering $10,000 in grant monies to be doled out in September. Deadline for grant application is July 26th at 9 pm.
Unfinished Business:
New Business:
• To express appreciation for the $70,000 appropriated to Trapper Creek Community Services for Park building improvements, Leo to write letter and email Eric Phillips at A card in the mail to follow.
Date of next meeting scheduled for August 15, 2013 at 6:30 pm.
Meeting adjourned at 7:30 pm

(Minutes taken by Council Treasurer, Paula Glenka)

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Chairperson Secretary