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Agenda for Council Meeting: 9-20-12


Community Park Building

Trapper Creek Community Council


Regular Meeting 6:30 PM September 20, 2012



  • Call to Order Rick
  • Determination of Quorum Rick
  • Read & Approval of  Minutes – August 16, 2012 Levi
  • Assembly Report Vern/Paula
    • RSA#30 Low bidder is D&S Construction for $69,045.  Parking lot complete and grubbing & excavation complete on Kula Road.  Kula Road excavated and widened. Job complete 8/31 with finished pictures next week.

Ÿ  South Denali Visitor Center: State allocated 1.5 million to fund portion of electrical extension/upgrade from Mile 128 into State Park.

  • Officers Reports

Ÿ  Treasurer Paula

  •  Revenue Sharing Project Committee Progress Reports

Ÿ  FY2009

Ÿ  Shelter (Pavilion) Lon

Ÿ  FY2010

Ÿ  Free Room Lon

Ÿ  Interior of Building Lon

Ÿ  Playground Equipment Lon

Ÿ  Welcome Sign Paula

Ÿ  TC Elementary – AED Paula

Ÿ  Youth Conservation Paula

Ÿ  Council Administration Funds Paula

  • Correspondence/Current Mail Levi

Ÿ  Alaska Stand Alone/ASAP meeting 9/25/12, 6-8 pm, Su-Valley High School Gym

Ÿ  Cooperative Extension Service

  • Public Forum
  • Unfinished Business

Ÿ  FY11 Project Application Forms at Post Office & Voting Oct. 29th to Nov 10th. Paula

Ÿ  CIP September 2012 Monthly Report To Borough, Modular Bldg., TCCSA Inc Lon

Ÿ  TCCC website on which ALL minutes and official info is posted Rick

  • New Business

Ÿ  TC Park Circle & Request for Road Names All

  • Date of next meeting Rick
  • Adjournment Rick


(This agenda may be subject to modifications according to the need of the public and its members)

Minutes of Council Meeting: 9-20-12

Trapper Creek Community Council

Minutes Sept 20 2012


Meeting called to order 6:45 pm


Board members present: Leo, Glenka, Miller, Kolbeck. Also in attendance: Vern Halter, Lon McCullough


August minutes read and approved


Assembly Report:

RSA #30 low bidder is D&S Construction for $69,045. Parking lot, grubbing and excavation complete on Kula Rd. South Denali Visitor Center had $1.5 million allocated by the State to partially fund extension/upgrade of electrical from mile 128 into State Park. The Assembly will ask for $2.5 million for salmon restoration after the floods.


Treasurer’s Report: $4,031.96 combined funds


Revenue Sharing Project Reports:

Ÿ  Shelter:  Almost done except for some electrical

Ÿ  Free Box:  No report

Ÿ  Interior of building:  Will be started this winter

Ÿ  Playground:  Postponed until next summer

Ÿ  Welcome Sign:  Finished beside permanent support

Ÿ  AED:  At school and ready for training

Ÿ  YCC:  Fence built to ensure security and prevent motorized vehicles from entering property.  Public access is walk-in only, and gate is left open.  Cleaned shed, cleared brush.  Remaining funds to be used for winter snow removal.

Ÿ  Council Administrative Funds:  $185.39


Current Mail was read


Public Forum:  None


Unfinished Business:

FY11 project application forms taken to PO


CIP Sept 2012 Report:

Building has arrived


New Business:

TC Park Circle & Request for Road Names was discussed.  Paula to follow-up on phone call to Borough platting department.


Next meeting October 18, 6:30 pm


Meeting adjourned at 7:45pm


(Minutes taken by Council Secretary, Levi Miller)